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This thing can happen to all the drivers. Today, modern cars  can detect that the key is inside and they won’t lock. But what to do if you still manage to lock the keys inside?

The best thing to do is to go home and take the spare key and open the car. Or ask a friend to do this.

If, for any reason, you didn’t have a spare key, things get a little tricky. The most elegant way to do it is to call at the manufacturer and had them open the car remotely (for modern cars this is possible ). The other elegant way to do it is to order the manufacturer to make another key for the car. But this can take some time.

We now get to the more destructive methods. You can break a window, but please be advised because modern cars have extremely safe windows and you may not be able to brake it even with a hammer. An old method is to brake it by using a spark plug. It’s worth a shoot. Choose a window that it is most likely to be in stock at a shop and that can be replaced as fast as possible. Don’t break a small window. You can also use the string method but for some cars it may not work because by locking the car, the system automatically blocks the mechanism. Another method, although not recommended, is to ask for help at the local “experts” in “opening” cars. Do this only in an emergency case. To find them, go to an automotive shop or service. But I strongly don’t recommend this method.

To prevent all this unfortunate events, be as careful as you can when locking the car. And be sure to have a backup plan for any situation.

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