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The discussion about driving to save fuel goes on and on for a very long time. There are a lot of tips on the internet about saving fuel and there are also a lot of magical devices that will definitely decrease by half your fuel consumption. Yes, of course…

The truth is only one with this topic. In order to save fuel you must drive with extreme care. And when I say extreme, I really mean it. Driving really economically is very hard and we start with some useful and simple tips to lower the fuel consumption:

  • use as little as you can any additional consumer: this means no AC, no radio, no heated seats or any useless system. Of course don’t exaggerate. Use the lights at all time, and use the minimum comfort and safety features.
  • check regularly the tire pressure: be sure to have the pressure specified by the manufacturer. This way, the car will behave at its best and you will be able to save fuel. In order to save even more fuel, set the tire pressure a little bit higher than specified, but don’t exaggerate. An increase of 10% should be enough.
  • try to properly clean your car: don’t carry around things you don’t need especially for daily traffic conditions. All you do is just carrying around extra weight and it only increases the fuel consumption.
  • wash the car: a clean car is a bit more aerodynamic and clean wheels are also a bit more fuel efficient.


All of method mentioned above are simple to follow and they can decrease the fuel consumption, but not that much. For an important percent of fuel saving you must adopt some relatively hard methods. We will discuss all the extreme fuel saving methods in the next article.

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