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How to increase the life of your engine

Lately I’ve heard about a lot of service recalls and reliability problems with all great car manufacturers. And this sounds like a really big problem. I remember that in the 80s, 90s and at the beginning of the 21st century, all car manufacturers were trying their best to make the cars as reliable as possible. Then, something happened and suddenly we all heard about massive service recalls, unusual problems and a lot of lawsuits. The thing that happened was adopting a new design strategy and all the components were designed with a limited lifespan.

So, given all this, what can we do to extend the life of our engines? Here are some short and useful information regarding this issue:

– don’t drive immediately after starting the engine: let it lubricate and warm up a bit. Also, I recommend to keep the engine at a high rpm (about 2000 rpm should be enough) because the lubrication is more efficient at higher rpm.

– start the engine with the clutch pedal pressed and all the others power consumers turned off (air conditioning, heated seats etc.): by doing this, the engine is using the power just to turn and it will run smoother and with less resistance.

– when driving, use all the rpm range: don’t get stuck in a low rpm regime. For a short period of time try to run the engine at high rpm (not high speed, just high rpm). By doing this, all the components will work at higher regime and they will clean themselves.

– check at least once a month the quantity and quality of all the fluids (especially the oil and the cooling fluid)

– after arriving home, let the engine run with no power consumers at least one minute. By doing this, it lubricates, it cleans and it cools down. Also, you will increase the life of the turbo-compressor.

As you can see, all these advice are simple to understand and to follow. Be careful to your engine and it will last a lifetime.


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