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This week we’re showing you an accident involving a motorcycle. Check the video below!

1) Why did the accident happen

The guy in the car was not paying attention when he opened the door. Being parallel parked on the side of a street means that the traffic in the first lane is close to the parked cars. The motorcyclist wanted to squeeze between the parked cars and the moving ones, making an illegal right-hand overtake. All in all, the guy on the motorcycle is to blame in this situation because the car door was opened well within the resting lane.

2) How the accident could have been prevented

You can avoid these kind of accidents by paying attention to your surroundings before you do anything.

If you’re the guy in the parked car, always be aware that the firs lane cars are pretty close to you and if you widely open the door, you might get hit by a car. In this movie, it’s pretty obvious that the resting lane is as wide as the first lane. Nevertheless, you can never know how much space the door will take when you open it.

If you’re the guy on the motorcycle, you should know that what you’re doing is illegal. There’s only one lane and you should keep your distance from the guy in front of you. Also, in this movie, the biker was rolling on the resting lane.

3) How to react if the accident happens

If you’re the guy in the parked car, you should get out and make sure that the biker is alright. In this movie, things could have been a lot worse. The car that was driving on the road was hit by the biker who ended up under the car’s wheels. He was very close to being driven on and that’s never a good thing.

If you’re the biker, always wear protective gear (pants, jacket, elbow and knee protections, helmet). In this kind of accidents, it can save your life.

No matter who you are in this scenario, you should try to keep your cool. Usually, this kind of accidents end in a violent conflict which, in some cases, leave the parties with more wounds than the accident.

Next week we’ll show you a very interesting invention that is meant to reduce this kind of accidents. It has something to do with the visibility of the car when one or more doors are opened.

Nevertheless, the accident we showed you happens really quick so you just need to watch out. Making the car visible in a distinct way when the doors are open is useful if you have time to react.

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