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Since the beginning of time, one of man’s fundamental needs was to be able to travel great distances in little time. Imagine how the present day would have looked like if people had cars, motorboats, motorcycles and airplanes during the great invasions or the great migrations instead of paddle boats and horses.

I remember a Seinfeld joke: imagine how the prehistoric man’s holiday looked like: we have 2 weeks of holiday. If we leave today, we’ll arrive at the ocean in 10 years. we stay there, get a little tan and come back after 20 years.

This being said, we’re starting a new series of articles with fun, easy to digest facts regarding speed records and various other car related performances over the history. We’ll be concentrating on land speed records but we’ll also analyze water and air performances the man achieved over the years just to put things into perspective.

We will answer the most important questions known to man, like:

– what was the most important way of traveling since the beginning of man, during the history?

– what distance were they able to cover in one day and how did they measure it?

– when was the first automobile invented and what performances did it have?

– what exactly defines and automobile?

– why is it called horsepower and not donkey power or bear power? (bear power sounds nice, actually)

– how much would it take to drive from Berlin to Paris with a normal, modern family car, a sports car, a super car and a hyper car? (we all know how much it takes driving a tank)

– which is the fastest car in the world, by any standards, and how does it compare to the cars available on the market?

Until next time, remember the old Maya telling: the car is a man’s best friend.


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