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Last weekend the Automotive GURU team was on the race track taking part at the first TimeAttack race in Romania, Europe. The event was organized on Motor Park Romania, near Adancata City, the first high speed race track in Romania. With a straight line of over 800 m and a total length of over 4 km, the track is capable of hosting some pretty exciting events, and, more important it is the first professional track in Romania. So, all conditions were met for organizing racing events in a country with not a very convincing motorsport history.

The guys from ROTAC took advantage of the track’s characteristics and they managed to organize a really entertaining, well planned automotive event. At the TimeAttack Challenge took part over 20 vehicles distributed in 5 categories depending on the engine power and total weight. Most of the participants were either amateur racers or automotive enthusiasts and they brought to the start line some interesting cars. For a whole day the race track was awakened to life by the sound of horse power and the smell of hot tires. The goal? Obtaining the best lap time possible. All the contestants raced with passion and gave the best they could. Some of them won prizes and the others promised to return better prepared.

The guys from ROTAC did a really great job. The event was well planned and despite some small errors, it was a real success. The pilots seemed really happy with the planning of the event and with the total track time. But there is still room for improvement and the guys know that. They plan 4 more events this summer and they are ready to improve their methods in order to be better with every event they organize.

The ROTAC event was a well organized high speed amateur race and we saw a lot of passionate people trying to surpass their limits. We had a lot of fun and we hope for some small improvements for the future events. We are eager to see what the ROTAC team is preparing for the next events and we will join them sometime this summer to see how the things have evolved.

Automotive GURU recommends the TimeAttack Challenge by ROTAC team. For more information visit their site – – or their Facebook account. Have fun!


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