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The Dalmatian coast offers one of the most beautiful sights in Europe and some of the best roads one can drive on. The Croatian archipelago offers one of the best views in southern Europe and it is a place to visit once in a life time. Croatia has more than 10 national parks and all are beautiful to visit. The mountain roads are spectacular and you are always close to the sea for the moments when you need a break.

A spectacular road to drive on is the one between Split and Dubrovnik. Don’t be afraid to exit the highway and to take secondary roads. The road quality is surprisingly good even for the secondary roads. The only drawback to this roads is their width. Most of the mountain roads are twisty and spectacular and they can offer really nice driving sensations, especially in a small and fast car.

First of all, Split is a really nice harbor city.  The city is very busy all around the year and a parking space is hard to find. But the city is beautiful and full of life day and night, the restaurants are fancy and some of them offer a spectacular view over the harbor and the sea. You can take ferries to the biggest islands in the Croatian archipelago to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic sea.

But you are there for a driving trip. So this means to find some beautiful and twisty roads. The road trip is from Split to Dubrovnik. First you can take the coast road from Split to Omiš and then to Šestanovac. The road has a good quality, it has a lot of bends and the sights are awesome. The  distance is about 50 km and it shouldn’t take more than 1 hour. Next you can take the coast road to Makarska. From there, you should definitely take the 512 road. It leaves the coast and goes to a higher altitude. From there you can fully admire the Croatian archipelago. The road is twisty and you can drive in a sporty manner. Near the village of Ravča you join the bigger road 62 which passes near the Bosnian border. You stay on the road 62 until you reach the town of Opuzen. From Opuzen you take the road 8 to Dubrovnik.After passing 10 km through Bosnia you can either stay on the coast road 8 or take some secondary roads if you want to avoid passing through a lot of villages and towns. The road to Dubrovnik shouldn’t take more than a day, including stops to admire the landscape or to eat. Dubrovnik is a “must see” place in Europe. The old town is spectacular, the beaches are nice and the water is even better.

Form Split you can take also some roads on the north side of the country. For example you can drive on the coast road to Senj and while you are there you should definitely stop at the PlitvičkaJezera National Park and then return to Split on another road.

For this road trip I recommend using a small car. A car with short wheelbase, low width and a powerful engine – about 200 hp – should be perfect. The roads are twisty and in such a car you can have a lot of fun and satisfaction. The views are spectacular and no matter what, you can only enjoy it. Be careful to always respect the speed limit, the traffic rules and most important the other road users.
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