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Have you ever thought of considering Bulgaria as a country with great driving roads? No? Me neither. But a recent journey there has opened my eyes regarding what a great road looks like. Stay we me as I explain what I mean and you may have the same surprise.

What is your favorite type of road? Straight or with bends? At the seaside or passing right in the middle of a canyon? A mountain road or a flat road? I’m sure you have a favorite type of road but now let me share one of my favorites.

This road may be only 30 km long but it is full of fast bends, long straight lines and the landscape is spectacular and rewarding.

This road starts in the small village of Kirkovo, Bulgaria. You are heading towards Greece through the the border point named Makaza and you will definitely encounter one of the most amazing roads. The tarmac is relatively new as this border point has been opened about 2 years ago. And what a road. The track is absolutely perfect: no bumps or holes and did I mentioned about the track? There are a lot of bends, large ones, that you can approach with high confidence and when you accelerate at the exit of the bend you will see long straight lines accompanied by a spectacular landscape. After passing the border, you will find in Greece an even more spectacular landscape. The border point is at about 1800 m of height and from there you should decide to go to the Mediterranean sea. The bends are tighter and the straights are shorter. This is the technical portion of this road and you should approach it with more attention and care. This amazing road ends in the Greek village of Karidia. You can let the car cool down there and admire the place where the mountains meet the sea.

Even though this road has only 30 km, after finishing it you can go for the rest of the day to one of amazing Greek beaches or you can try the amazing Greek traditional food. Or why not taking the road the other way around?

So what is the perfect car for this road? A supercar would be great! This road advantages the cars with a lot of power and great dynamic performances but considering that I drove on this road in a diesel car and I has a lot of fun, I would say that you can bring anything.  Just have a great time, respect the laws and more important respect the others road users.

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