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What is ATA Raving Show?           

ATA Racing Show 2015 was supposed to be the last motorsport competition of this year in Romania. But in a country with an underdeveloped motorsport and with a short and insignificant tradition, this kind of event could spell disaster. So how was it really like? Of course there were good parts and bad parts but it is an important step in the development of the Romanian motorsport. ATA is the first professional driving academy in Romania and it is the dream of the rally champion Titi Aur. You can find out more about this project from their site:

20151107_132006         20151107_124219

– Some cars used for training at the Academy –


Was it really that bad?

             In fact, NO! But there are still some bad stuff happening in the Romanian Motorsport and an awful lot of things to be improved.          

             First of all one can sense the lack of money among the participants. Patching is the word I would use. A lot of patching. Yes, yes, you will say that is the end of the season but one can feel that even the wealthy teams are on very tight budgets and no one can afford the luxury of having the car in perfect condition at the end of the season. There were few teams which could afford bringing a service truck or a even a team of mechanics but most of the participants had only one or two mechanics and a small car with supplies. And that’s a general problem with the Romanian motorsport: the lack of exposure that would attract sponsors and public. Participating teams must often bring money from “home” in order to compete and this is a certain way of wasting talent and time.

Second of all, there are some problems with the technology. A trained eye can see that most of the team members are amateurs and they are quite far from using the latest technologies and a studied design. Most of them work by trial and error and they have a hard time innovating and advancing with their solutions. Most of the cars and technologies are bought and not made and that is a bad thing considering that there are a lot of good and passionate automotive engineers emerging from the universities each year. The Romanian motorsport could really use an infusion of young minds in order to make it more competitive and enjoyable both for the public and for the competitors.


–  The bivouac –


Weren’t any good parts?

After all that criticism it’s time to talk about the good parts. And there are quite a few really good parts.

First of all, one can sense that this was an investment of over 10mil EUROs. Everything seems to be in its place, things are organized rather well and is seems to be a lot of potential of development in this place. The Academy offers a variety of courses for amateur and professional drivers: from the basic defensive driving courses to rally experiences in a real rally car.

Second of all, the event was well organized. There were enough parking spots for the visitors and all of them have had access near the competitors, their cars and near the best sections of the track. The safety wasn’t neglected either. Track marshals were highly alert and they took care of all the visitors and the competitors.

Last but not least, the competition was very tight and the all the participant were highly motivated to win. The competition had the classic of the “Race of champions”. Two cars on the track at the same time and two different road types: tarmac and gravel. At the competition took part a lot of rally drivers, some hill climb event drivers and also some amateurs ones. All of them were split into different categories and the spectacle was a sure thing. Too bad if you’ve missed it.

20151107_133647       20151107_131625

–  Racing on the circuit: tarmac and gravel sections –


And now? … What’s next?

With the motorsport season being completed, all the teams are back in their workshops working on the improving themselves and their cars for the season 2016. All of them promised to return better and faster and some of them said that they have some surprises for next season. We just can’t wait to see what’s next! And you know what? is also preparing a motorsport surprise!


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