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When I grow up, I want to be like Alex Zanardi

 – “Even your greatest defeat can be turned into your greatest victory” –


Today’s world is an oddly shaped place. “They” say that we live in the “information” era, and it’s true, but what happens in reality is totally different from what you would expect. Yes, the quantity of information is massive and we can access it freely and quickly from about everywhere, but most of us are unaware of the dangers of using toxic information. And, unfortunately, toxic information is present everywhere, in every kind of environment and it propagates quickly, whether we are talking about news, statistics, articles or people.


This pattern seems to apply also to the role models of today’s world. Unfortunately. How many times have you felt that some persons regarded as role models are in that position only by chance and that they promote tainted values? Today’s world is invaded by speakers, by trainers and by so-called-experts is some shady area of expertise who tell you how to live your life and how to achieve greatness with a minimum effort. Right…this seems legit.


In this world of false models there are though some extraordinary people who aren’t talking, aren’t promoting themselves and are not bragging about themselves. They just do things. And in their pursuit of becoming better and enjoying every sip of life, they just inspire the rest of us by showing that nothing is impossible. They really make us ask ourselves: “What’s your excuse?”


Alex Zanardi is one of those people. His story is extraordinary, just like himself. I’m not going to tell it all, I’m letting you to discover it. Alex Zanardi is a champion from top to bottom. This mentality runs through his veins as we see a man who is willing to put up a good fight despite all the difficulties he is facing. What difficulties, you ask? He was a very promising race car driver involved in a terrible crash with the result of losing both his legs. Now, despite all that, he is a great driver again, world champion, world-class athlete and Olympic medalist. Impressive, isn’t it?


His activity is celebrated in a documentary film that shows us Alex Zanardi preparing at the same time for the 24h race of Spa Francorchamps and for the para-cycling championship. He is unknown to many, but to some of us, he is a real hero, just like the documentary says: “The word hero is overused, but he is a hero, he is an inspiration”. Alex Zanardi teaches us to fight no matter what, to overcome our struggles no matter how hard they hit us, to forget about giving up and to take the worst situation and turn it in our favor.


Most people wouldn’t think that they would inspiration, motivation or even a source of optimism in an automotive related movie. That’s why I invite all of you to watch this extraordinary 1 hour movie that celebrates life and that teach us that “Impossible is just a word”. You’re going to have to trust me, but you won’t regret. Enjoy!



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