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  • AUDIT TOOLS By: Dan Lazar

    Do you think that your company’s vehicle fleet is like a black hole? Do you find it difficult to locate the processes that are less efficient in the department of transportation? Do you need a comprehensive and independent analysis regarding your fleet’s management?

    Automotive NET GURU provides an audit service that serves at highlighting, through a very compelx analysis, the processes that are less functional in your department of transportation!


    Maintaining a fleet of vehicles in excellent running condition with the lowest costs and a fluid and clear workflow can make the difference between a profitable company and one that survives from month to month. What is the performance level of your company’s fleet? Are the internal processes optimal? Is it possible to lose money from a defective vehicle fleet organization?

    The OPTIMIZATION TOOLS offered by Automotive GURU NET were created to bring the transportation department to operate at full capacity  by designing a series of processes and procedures to streamline the work in your company.

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