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This product is designed with start-ups and medium businesses in mind. Let’s say that your company needs to buy a small fleet of cars for all important personnel, starting with the GM, department directors and some employees. What do you do to solve this issue? I’m asking that because what you need are different types of vehicles to represent your brand, to solve your transportation problems and to cost you as less as possible. You can’t just randomly choose a few types of cars. For your company to be as good as it can be, you need to make the smartest decision. But there are so many car types one the market….How to choose?

This is where we come in. With this product, we can offer you personalized solutions for as many  types of cars as you want, according to your company’s brand, prestige and development aims.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT VEHICLES FOR A FLEET HAS NEVER BEEN THIS SIMPLE. You will have our full attention, as one of our car experts will guide you through the process of picking the vehicles to represent your brand. We can help with complex analysis regarding your company’s needs and requests and with making personalized specifications charts. This consulting service is extremly adaptable and flexible and that’s why we can mould around your needs and requests.

The steps to follow are extremely affordable:

  1. Contact us and we will set up a meeting at your office
  2. After analyzing your company’s brand, needs and budget we will step back to prepare two personalized offers for as many car types as you require
  3. We will have another meeting to present you the offers and to help you make the right decision
  4. After making the choice, we will offer you full support in negociating with the dealer, inspecting the new vehicles and so on. 
  5. We can help you also after purchasing the vehicles with inspecting services, maintenance services and personnel training sessions. 


*The price can vary according to you demand. Ask first for a price offer!

All AutomotiveGURU consulting services are customized according to your needs. We are 100% independent of vehicle manufacturers and car dealers and our advice will always be impartial!

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