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We are here to help. A new car will be with you for a period of several years and you should be happy with your decision. Therefore, we have created a system to provide you the best tips to make the smartest choice.

First of all, we have developed a system of algorithms, unique in the Romanian market, which allows us to offer impartial advice and help you take the right decision about your next car. Second of all, we have created three different levels of customization to have services accessible to a larger number of people. Finally, we have decided to be independent of all car manufacturers, so we can make real recommendations based on your requirements and not on an advantage obtained by us.

       Automotive GURU NET offers car purchasing consulting service for both new and second hand cars. In order to offer impartial, high quality consulting services, we have developed a system of alghorithms based on impartial criteria. Using this system we can always give the best advice, no matter our own preferences or personal opinions. 

       The Automotive GURU NET services are adapted to any type of customer and are rated on three levels of complexity and involvement. 


All AutomotiveGURU consulting services are customized according to your needs. We are 100% independent of vehicle manufacturers and car dealers and our advice will always be impartial!

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