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Maintaining a fleet of vehicles in excellent running condition with the lowest costs and a fluid and clear workflow can make the difference between a profitable company and one that survives from month to month. What is the performance level of your company’s fleet? Are the internal processes optimal? Is it possible to lose money from a defective vehicle fleet organization?

The OPTIMIZATION TOOLS offered by Automotive GURU NET were created to bring the transportation department to operate at full capacity  by designing a series of processes and procedures to streamline the work in your company.

The OPTIMIZATION TOOLS provided by Automotive GURU NET proposes to increase the working efficiency of the transport department in your company by increasing labor productivity, decreasing execution times and lowering operating costs. The OPTIMIZATION process is to be done aftef the AUDIT procedure and involves developing of custom procedures specific to your company. The OPTIMIZATION process includes application procedures, elements of training for he directly involved staff, maintenance services and progress tracking.

The OPTIMIZATION process is based on the special algorithm in ten steps and two iterative loops developed by Automotive GURU NET . This algorithm includes:

  • Usage of the AUDIT TOOLS system to determine your company’s fleet efficiency;
  • The development of internal processes and procedures to streamline the workflow in your company;
  • Dedicated trainings for the employees and fleet users;
  • Tracking progress and making adjustments to achieve the objectives.

The results of the OPTIMIZATION process are:

  • activities standardization ;
  • procedures improvement
  • productivity increasement;
  • costs reduction;
  • predictive behaviour.

* The OOPTIMIZATION procedure includes the AUDTI TOOLS. By purchasing this service, Automotive NET GURU provides with the functional analysis of your fleet using the SCORING system deveolped, the development of a series of processes and procedures to streamline the work, training for staff and maintenance services for the first 6 months. Schedule an audit or request a customized offers using the form below.


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