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For every question there is an answer. And GURU can answer to any automotive related question. Do you want to know more about automobiles or land vehicles? Or do you want to design a specific component or an assembley? Just ask GURU for help. Here, at, we have the know-how and the capabilities to design, test and manufacter almost any automotive component!

Do you need to design an assembly or component of a motor vehicle? Do you work on a special project and need professional help? Do you need to design a subassembly with some certain requirements? Fortunately, we can help. We have extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D design and manufacturing ant we can help you whether the components you need are made of common materials such as steel, whether they are made of special materials such as glass fiber or carbon fiber. Work smart with us!


* Depending on the complexity of the project, the price may vary. Therefore, after the initial analysis, you will receive a price quote.

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