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This product is ideal for finding the best bibliographical sources for your research or even the books to start your research. We can help you also with writing technical documentation, guide books, research thesis and other automotive related documents.  Here, at, we have a lot of automotive data, books, magazines and information. If we can’t find a source then the information doesn’t exist!

Are you in teh position studying certain aspects of the construction and operation of cars and  you need some information or a starting point?  Do you need some documentation but can not find anything useful? Have you ever wanted to know more about cars? What is the difference between a DCT gearbox and AT, what happens in the contact patch between the wheels and the ground, which forces are governing the movement of cars or how the  ESP works? We have the experience and knowledge to answer such questions. To help with the explanations you have to send a list of questions and in return you will receive a comprehensive document to help with your research.

Work smart with us!

* Depending on the complexity of the project, the price may vary. Therefore, after the initial analysis, you will receive a price quote

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