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  • AUDIT TOOLS By: Dan Lazar

    Do you think that your company’s vehicle fleet is like a black hole? Do you find it difficult to locate the processes that are less efficient in the department of transportation? Do you need a comprehensive and independent analysis regarding your fleet’s management?

    Automotive NET GURU provides an audit service that serves at highlighting, through a very compelx analysis, the processes that are less functional in your department of transportation!


    For every question there is an answer. And GURU can answer to any automotive related question. Do you want to know more about automobiles or land vehicles? Or do you want to design a specific component or an assembley? Just ask GURU for help. Here, at, we have the know-how and the capabilities to design, test and manufacter almost any automotive component!


    This product is designed with start-ups and medium businesses in mind. Let’s say that your company needs to buy a small fleet of cars for all important personnel, starting with the GM, department directors and some employees. What do you do to solve this issue? I’m asking that because what you need are different types of vehicles to represent your brand, to solve your transportation problems and to cost you as less as possible. You can’t just randomly choose a few types of cars. For your company to be as good as it can be, you need to make the smartest decision. But there are so many car types one the market….How to choose?

    This is where we come in. With this product, we can offer you personalized solutions for as many  types of cars as you want, according to your company’s brand, prestige and development aims.


    We are here to help. A new car will be with you for a period of several years and you should be happy with your decision. Therefore, we have created a system to provide you the best tips to make the smartest choice.

    First of all, we have developed a system of algorithms, unique in the Romanian market, which allows us to offer impartial advice and help you take the right decision about your next car. Second of all, we have created three different levels of customization to have services accessible to a larger number of people. Finally, we have decided to be independent of all car manufacturers, so we can make real recommendations based on your requirements and not on an advantage obtained by us.


    This product is ideal for finding the best bibliographical sources for your research or even the books to start your research. We can help you also with writing technical documentation, guide books, research thesis and other automotive related documents.  Here, at, we have a lot of automotive data, books, magazines and information. If we can’t find a source then the information doesn’t exist!

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