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Our Story

Hello! My name is Dan, the owner of the Automotive GURU, a platform built on my passion for cars. I invite all of you to take a virtual tour over my platform and to discover what the AutomotiveGURU is all about.  


So, what is AutomotiveGURU?

AutomotiveGURU is a professional platform with a clear mission: offering consulting services at the highest level of quality. The consulting services refer to buying cars, lightweight utilitary vehicles, trucks or special vehicles for both individuals and businesses. 

We have some extremly solid principles of working and we plan on sticking to them on unlimited period:

1. We are 100% independent of automotive manufacturers and car dealers

2. We will allways keep our consulting service at the highest level possible

3. Our recommendations will allways be objective


To comply with these crucial  principles of operation, we are committed to follow a continuous process of training that would keep us updated with the latest automotive technologies to improve our working methods with those who choose our services.

Also, in order to preserve the independence from the manufacturers and dealers of vehicles, we have developed an algorithm to separate objectively the vehicles that we recommend so that we can provide the best advice to those who use our services.


The story behind Automotive GURU

My passion for cars dates back to an early age. Ever since I laid my hands on my first automotive magazine I wanted to know everything about cars. And so I did. Nowadays, after more than 10 years of intensive study and thousands of hours of working with cars and automotive components, I want to share my experience with people who are passionate about this subject and want to know more about the workings of cars, but more important, with the people who don’t know much about this subject and just want to be informed when making the decision of buying a new car.


I started this project a while back because of my friends. Growing up, I noticed that all of my friends wanted, more or less, the same things in life: graduating at a good university, getting married, having kids, a nice home, a dog or a cat and last but not least a good car. I noticed that the car was a constant discussion subject for all of my friends. And they were right to talk about cars. After choosing a house and a career, choosing a car is one of the biggest decisions one has to make. A car will stick around for a while and one has to be very sure when deciding what car should buy. For some of us, the car is not just a simple means of transportation. The car means freedom, independence, joy or a source of excitement. The car will be there for you after work offering you a comfortable and safe ride home, on the long holiday roads, accommodating your family or friends, or it will be quiet and comfortable most of the time, but when the time is right, it will put a big smile on your face.


Talking about cars, I had a lot of arguments with my friends. Each and every one of them had a different vision about the perfect car but none of them ever seemed to be able to choose the right one. We often had discussions about the disadvantages of their new cars and why they should have chosen another car. Whether they wanted a big car for the whole family of a fast car for the race track, they had always the same questions: ‘what is the most important thing when buying a new car?, ‘what optional extras should one choose?’  or even ‘what kind of car suits me best?’.


I realized that they are not the only people with this problem. I did some research among all the people I knew and a came to a startling conclusion. Many of my friends had no idea what the safety ratings were, what are the active safety features a car should have, what the pollution regulations were or even how to choose the tires. I noticed that they struggled choosing the optional extra equipment for a new car because they didn’t know if it was useful and most of the times they would choose unimportant things rather than those that would increase the safety or the performances of the car.


So, I came up with the idea to use all my automotive knowledge to help people make the smartest decision about their new car. I formed a small group of people with similar background and our mission is to help you make the smartest decision about your new car. You must be as informed as possible when spending a small fortune on an object. We can help you with detailed lists of vehicles that suit at best your requirements. We can help you choose the best engine, the best transmission or to choose from the long and tiring optional extras lists. We can give you advice about the things that should matter more or how your decisions will affect the different performances of your car. Our experience is not limited just to cars. We can also give you advices about commercial vehicles and help you with useful information such as fuel consumption, maintenance or technical data.


Why am I qualified to give out automotive advice?


I was a valedictorian, award winning automotive student with extensive knowledge in designing, testing and maintaining automotive components and cars.  To this day, as I mentioned, I have over 10 years of experience working with cars for both a technical and theoretical point of view. I gained a lot of theoretical experience while participating at different student contests and by finishing among the first. But most of my experience comes from being involved in the Formula Student Team at my local University. All practical aspects involved in this activity formed me as an engineer and gave me a wider perspective over cars. As the leader of the Team I had the opportunity of being involved in designing and manufacturing all the components and subsystems of the car. I’ve learned a lot about performance vehicles and now I have the experience and knowledge to understand how the modern car works and I can not only explain to others but even make recommendations regarding car purchasing.


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