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Lately I have been seeing a lot of people driving and using at the same time their mobile phones. And not just for talking. This is the least dangerous thing to do. I have seen a lot of people texting, checking some social media account or even taking selfies while driving. All of these activities that are not related to driving are extremely dangerous, especially to other road users. Today’s traffic is becoming increasingly crowded and a moment of distraction could have some serious consequences. Driving in a rapidly changing environment means that even in a fraction of a second of not looking ahead, a lot of things can happen and you may not prepared for it. So, that moment of checking the phone can be used for taking a split second decision or evaluating the traffic conditions ahead. Accidents are of course unpredictable, but, with a responsible driving attitude, many of them can be avoided or prevented. GURUs advice is to limit as much as possible the usage of the phone while driving.

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