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Another important check is the tire pressure. It is recommended to check it every 2 – 3 months and it should not take more than 10 minutes. It is important to have the tire pressure equal to the one recommended by the manufacturer because you benefit from your car’s best performances in terms of braking and acceleration.  Also, there are some advantages regarding the fuel consumption and the rolling noise. When checking the tires, look after the signs of wear, check if there are no visible wires and check the depth of the tire profile.

There are some checks you can do with the car stationary or at low speeds. You can make a small check of the braking system by pressing, with the engine stopped, the brake pedal as hard as you can. If it gets harder with every press, it means that the system is working properly and it is unlikely to have air bubbles in the brake fluid. It if goes right to the floor of the car it means that it is possible to have a fluid leakage or air in the system. In this case, ask a specialist. You can also make a small check on the hand brake. You can check once in awhile that it can immobilize the car on an inclined road or you can check that the hand brake is capable of keeping the car from moving when accelerating moderate on a flat road.

It is also important to check the steering system play of working parts. The steering system can diminish its accuracy due to some loose articulations or even to some mechanical problems. Steering system mechanical problems are not that usual, but a small play can often appear. Usually, the normal steering play is maximum 1.5 degrees on each side of turning. Larger values indicate some problems and you should check the car as soon as possible. It is recommended to ask a specialist but you can also make some simple checks. With the car stopped, the engine not running and the driver window opened, move the steering wheel alternative to the right and to the left. Try to turn the steering wheel at first very little and step by step increase the amplitude of the movement. At the same time follow the response of the visible front wheel. For very small angles you shouldn’t see any significant  movement of the wheels but, for larger angles, the front wheels should oscillate from one side to another. If, for larger angles, the wheels didn’t move, there could be a problem at the steering system and you should ask someone specialized. This check is not very accurate but it can show some early problems at the steering system. If you had doubts about your car or your measurements, it is highly recommended to ask a specialist. It is better to have a preventive attitude than to encounter different problems later.

There are also some checks recommended to be done by an authorized car service. Once every year you should go to a specialized car service and lift the car on an elevator. You should ask a worker to check that there is no play in any wheel articulation or bearing. This in an important check because it increases significantly the safety of your car by assuring the best kinematics for the suspension system. Also the worker should check that the tires are in good condition, there is no sign of visible imbalances and that the underbody of the car is in normal condition. The worker should check the cables and pipes under the car, the exhaust system and look for some leakage traces. This check takes about an hour and it is best to do it at least once in a year. The best moment to make these checks is when changing the winter tires with the summer ones or the other way around. By doing these checks you make sure that the car is in a good technical condition and you can trust it better.

As a conclusion, it is very important for your safety and the other road users safety to use a car which is in the best working condition. By doing regularly some simple checks you can make sure that your car is in its best condition and you can use it with a higher degree of confidence. As mentioned, you should check regularly the engine of your car, the lighting system and at least once in a year you should check your car at a specialized car service. Also, you should ask a specialist for any warning light or message displayed on the dash board. Remember that you do this for your safety and your passengers safety.

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